WoW Classic Phase 2 Coming Late 2019

WoW Classic Phase 2 Coming Late 2019
Ion Hazzikostas, director of Wow, recently announced via PC Gamer that he intends to offer Phase 2 of Classic by the end of 2019. Although a specific date has not yet been announced, this should be good news for players looking for things new. after reaching level 60 and cleaning the "Molten Core" and "Onyxia" Raids.
Great progress has also been made on the overlap - the system that divides the population into shifts into a single kingdom - soon we should have only one shift in all areas.
See our current stratification article for a list of kingdoms that currently have only one population.
Although there are no new raids in Phase 2, we will have:
Two new leaders of the world who make a prey with high competitive pressure;
A new dungeon for 5 players, Dire Maul, with more wings;
The Honor PvP system.
World Boss
Azuregos - From the flight of the Blue Dragon, Below the wing of Malygos. You will be in the South Azshara. A Search Hunter, Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, with the best consensus Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina quiver, increasing the speed of your ranged attacks by 15%.
→ Lord Kazzak - Guide the forces of the Burning Legion and challenge him in the exploded Lands. 
Dire Maul
A new dungeon for 5 players divided into three wings: east, west and north.
You must venture into the jungle of the ancient rowing kingdom on the east wing to find your Crescent Key. Use this button to unlock the other two wings.
→ Each class receives a variety of prizes, including a special book to help you find a jewel suitable for your class!
→ The Mages will be able to learn their Conjure Water spell, Rank 7
→ The Warlocks & Paladins will be able to complete their epic mount quests
→ The Guerriers & Paladins will be able to start a serie of quests to obtain the weapon Quel'Serrar
→ Gear enhancements like the Arcanum of Focus can be obtained
PvP Honor System
With this new feature, players can earn honor points to reach the ranks of PvP ranks. This will unlock special faction titles and powerful equipment.
In PvP combat, you will not only aim for enemy players, but also for your allies to reach the highest rank.
The PvP ranks range from soldiers / scouts to great marshals / warlords and feature special tabards, unique potions, combat standards and a complete set of rare and epic items.
Although the curve of the honor points in Patch 1.12.0 has been modified to allow more players to classify in each class, at the moment we do not know if the more rigorous criteria or starting values will be used in Step 2. adapted from the next patch.
The battlefields are only available in Phase 3. The only way to gain honor is Open World PvP.
The Keyring
We have an additional "pocket space" with up to 12 keys, so players don't have to stack them in their usual inventory slots. The keys are often used to open prisons and raids, eg B. the key to the city or the key to Shadowsmith.
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